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Our beef and chicken mince consists of hand selected cuts of human grade meat sourced from our own butchers shop. We blend these together creating a high protein mince rich in essential amino acids giving your dog a balenced nutritious meal. 


All of Reggie's minces are 100% natural ingredients. No added nasties and completly grain free.  








Beef & Chicken Mince 80-10-10

  • Beef & Chicken Mince 

    80% Meat 10 % Bone 10% Offal 

    (chicken cuts, beef cuts, ox heart, bone, ox liver, ox kidney) 


    Anylitical Constitutions 

    Crude Moisture 76% 

    Crude Protein 13%

    Crude Fat 8%

    Fibre 0.5%

    Ash 2.5%

  • Adult dogs 

    We recommend feeding 2-3% of the dogs ideal weight per day over two meals. Use a variety of proteins to build a balenced diet over a 7 day period. 


    We recommend feeding 5-8% of the pups body weight per day over three meals. Use a variety of proteins to build a balenced diet over a 7 day period. 

    New starters 

    If your new to raw feeding then firstly, welcome. You have made the decision to better your dogs health and we are here to provide you with some do's and do not's to help you make the change. 

    Start simple ....... although there are a number of minces avaliable online and you know your dog will be excited to try them all do not introduce to much to soon. we would recommend starting with something basic with no offal to allow your dogs stomach time to adjust 7-10 days. 

    Once your past the adjustment period then you can begin to add variety, one protein at a time. 



    • Store in your freezer at -18oc. 
    • Defrost in a sealed container or your dogs bowl at the bottom of your fridge. Leave any juices that run out of the packaging in the bowl as these contain nutrients. 
    • Follow the same hygiene rules as for any raw meat preparation making sure to wash your hands with soap after handling and sanitise any surfaces or utensiles that come in contact with the meat. 
    • Do not leave food down for more than 20 minutes. 
    • Throw away food once its been defrosted for 24hours. 


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